Our history

The origins of our site date back to 1969, when the site of San Colombano al Lambro was built by the american multinaltional Stauffer Chemicals. The activity of the former “Stauffer Italia” should have been the synthesis of patented active ingredients of the parent company. However, either for the small capacity of the industrial site and the opposition of the local authorities to some processes that were considered to be dangerous , the main activity became instead the formulation and packaging of pesticides for the Stauffer group.

When in 1986 Stauffer Chemicals was acquired by the british group ICI, Althaller Italia was created through an operation of management buy-out. Over the years, Althaller gradually developed its vocation as a tolling company dedicated to formulation and packaging of liquid products for plant protection and biocides for civil and professional use, while the synthesis of active ingredients was definitively abandoned.

In 1998 Althaller Italia was bought by the swiss company Siegfried. The swiss parent company not only produced its own brand of chemicals for agriculture, but also pharmaceuticals. The acquisition by Siegfried did not cause relevant changes in the Althaller business of custom manufacturing for third parties. In fact, also with the parent company relations were similar to those with a client commissioning productions.

In 2000 Siegfried sold all the shares of the agro branch to the german company Stähler, since due to regulatory reasons it could not produce any longer in the same site chemicals for plant protection and pharmaceuticals. The guidelines of the new parent company gave full autonomy to the subsidiaries. The responsability towards the environment and the society became shared principles among all the companies belonging to the Stähler multinational group. Althaller Italia also had the chance to expand its market abroad.

In 2011 the Stähler group was acquired by the danish multinational Cheminova, and more recently in 2015 Cheminova has been acquired by the FMC group. Subsequently, also Althaller Italia became part of the new FMC company, while maintaining the original vocation of custom manufacturing for third parties.

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