Althaller Italia only deals with custom manufacturing production: according to this business philosophy our aim is to give the best possible service to our customers. Reliability, flexibility and the capability to provide solutions are our strengths. Althaller Italia specializes in formulation of products like:

  • liquid solutions (SL)
  • emulsions in water (EW)
  • emulsifiable concentrates (EC)
  • suspension concentrates (SC)
  • microemulsions
  • suspoemulsions

for different fields:

  • Plant protection, plant nutrition and gardening products Althaller Italia is authorized by the Ministry of Health to formulate and pack liquid phytosanitary products (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators) for agriculture and gardening. Althaller Italia also formulates and packs fertilizers and bio-stimulators made of mineral salts and organic substances.
  • Products for home and civil hygiene and cleaning Althaller Italia is authorized by the Ministry of Health to formulate and produce liquid biocides, disinfectants and insecticides for civil and home use. We also formulate and pack liquid cleaners, deodorants, anti-crust liquids, etc.
  • Intermediates and additives for industrial use Powder dissolution, formulation and packaging of defoamers, antifreeze liquids, industrial biocides, etc.

In addition to formulation and packaging, Althaller Italia can provide its clients services like:

  • Supply of co-formulants, emulsifiers and solvents
  • Supply of active ingredients
  • Supply of bottles, canisters, labels, cartons and any other packaging material

Althaller can offer several types of homologated cartons for the shipment of ADR classified goods. Moreover, thanks to the long experience in the industry, Althaller can help the clients in finding new solutions for their products with:

  • Stability and emulsifiability tests on formulated products
  • Compatibility test of the formulated product with the packaging materials
  • Assistance in development of specifications for customized packaging materials, for both agricultural use – like twinpacks – or home and garden use – like squeezable bottles with dosing chamber or trigger bottles.

In line with Althaller business philosophy, all our staff work to provide the clients the best possible service. An up-to-date IT system allows a real-time capability to retrieve information about the running productions and materials stock.

Althaller Italia can purchase raw materials, co-formulants and packaging materials on behalf of the client.

Depending on the specific requirements of the client, Althaller can also help in the development of new formulations.

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