Althaller Italia facility is located in San Colombano al Lambro, approximately 40 km south of Milan. The area is mainly dedicated to agricultural and industrial activities, far from residential settlements. The site covers a total area of about 40 000 square meters. A fenced surface of 19 500 square meters includes all the process, storage and transit areas, while the other 20 500 square meters are mainteined green.



The formulation area is equipped with:

  • Stainless steel mixers with capacity ranging from 3 000 to 12 000 LT heated/cooled
  • Mill plant for SC products
  • Storage tanks for formulated products with capacity ranging from 10 000 to 30 000 LT
  • Storage tanks for organic solvents with capacity ranging from 10 000 to 40 000 LT

The formulation department has areas, mixers and equipment dedicated to different categories of products (herbicides, insecticides/fungicides, natural/biological products without PBO), in order to guarantee the highest standards in contamination prevention. Althaller Italia has the necessary permits to store and use petroleum solvent naphtas (Solvesso), normal paraffinic fluids, mineral oils, isopropanol.



The site has 6 covered warehouses for the storage of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products, consisting of a total surface of approximately 2 000 square meters. The warehouses for the active ingredients are separated for herbicides / non-herbicides, in orded to guarantee the maximum standard in cross contamination prevention.

A paved external storage area is also present, and a roofed area is dedicated to flammable products. As well as the formulation and packaging departments, in the warehouses all the necessary operative and safety equipment are in place, i.e. firefighting system, security alarm, accidental spills containment, shelves, etc.



The packaging department has 5 automatic filling lines for liquids, ranging from 5 ml to 10 lt size. All the lines are equipped with a thermoinduction sealing system for caps, lot number printer and, if needed, of nitrogen purge. The wet parts of the lines are always specific for each category of product (herbicides, non herbicides, natural/biological insecticides, azoxystorbins) in orded to grant the highest reliability in cross contamination prevention. In addition there are also semiautomatic filling lines dedicated to large packs, from 20 to 200 lt. The packaging capacity depends on the characteristics of the products, but it can reach 15 000 pieces per shift on a single filling line.



The internal QC chemical lab is run by experienced personnel and equipped with up-to-date instrumentation, including two HPLC and a gas chromatograph.

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